Oct 01 2014
9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
Brian Goodman


October 2014 / 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards


I decided to dust off some of my traditional black and whites and was pleased to receive multiple nominations at the 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards.


About the Awards
The Black & White Spider Awards is the International Award honoring Black & White Photography, http://www.thespiderawards.com/gallery/9th/index.php. A few hundred nominees are chosen in 14 categories, featuring only black & white images, out of thousands of entries worldwide.


I received six Nominations in the following categories:


Fine Art
“Welcome Service!”




“Palestinian Kids”


“Empenada Man”


Photo Journalism
“Mother & Child”
“The Wait”


Some of these images can be seen on my website: http://briangoodmanphotography.comphotography.com